Tabu 2013 / Part 3: Moritz Winnebrock
Berlin University of the Arts

Moritz Winnebrock is a really nice guy. Thanks to his keen sense of trends and entrepreneurial spirit he has managed to found a very successful start-up. His products are so-called "devices". They promise freedom, security and a fulfilled future. Moritz is the weapons manufacturer of the new generation who uses design methods for developing things, elocution and pictures as effective tools for selling his products.

The experimental fictional short film „Moritz Winnebrock“ is part of the visualised and materialised reflection of the project Tabu on critical questions about design and technological innovation with violent effects. How to deal with questions on morality in design? How can design manipulate perception? What is invisible in the visible? For the project absurd and ambivalent collages of spoken, visual and material quotes were used as tools for critical reflection on and through design. Therefore the outcome of the research on tabooed artefacts and taboos in design can be understood as yet another question for further discourse.