Material Codes, June 2019
Installation at the Department of Physics of the Humboldt University Berlin / Kleine Humboldt Galerie

„The hammer that I find on my workbench is not contemporary to my action today: it keeps folded heterogenous temporalities, one of which has the antiquity of the planet, because of the mineral from which it has been moulded, while another has that of the age of the oak which provided the handle, while still another has the age of the 10 years since it came out of the German factory which produced it for the market.“ (Bruno Latour)

“Material Codes“ is an installation that unfolds current experimental material research projects of designers and artists. The works by crafting plastics!, LapatschIUnger, Sophie Rowley, Mara Weber, Lilo Viehweg, Clemens Winkler and Julia Wolf deal with rediscovering forgotten organic substances to find substitution for fossil fuel based plastics or animal exploitative materials, translating material knowledge of technological matter or developing fictional and utopian materials which questions human-non-human relationships and our domination over nature.

By visualising the processes of this material research and the inherent material knowledge, networks between humans, non-humans and their interactions become visible. There are no clear borders between the social and ecological contexts. The multimedia disclosure through text, image and matter, the decoding of material knowledge, as well as creating new narratives through new epistemological methods can provide access to broad global contexts. To decode and translate material knowledge means to describe, depict and transform the coded contexts and narratives that are invisible in the material, in order to make the invisible visible.

“Material Codes“ was part of the “unsown - ungesäht“ exhibition of the unselect Exhibition festival from 12 July until July 21 2019 celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kleine Humboldt Galerie’s curatorial practice.