Anthropocene Fossils, June 2019
Workshop at the Department of Physics at the Humboldt University Berlin / Kleine Humboldt Galerie

Imagine you are a future species researching the Anthropocene. After an earthquake matter is transported from the underground to the surface. How does it look like? Which narratives of the Anthropocene do unfold, if you decode your findings?

Under certain conditions “matter“ as “artefact“ can be preserved for a long time e.g plastic in oceans and soils, atomic waste or organic matter through ice ages. The aim of this workshop was to develop critical reflections through and on our interactions which materials. In the hand-on process with materials the participants discussed material cycles, time and space of matter.

“Anthropocene Fossils“ was part of the “unsown - ungesäht“ exhibition of the unselect Exhibition festival from 12 July until July 21 2019 celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kleine Humboldt Galerie’s curatorial practice.