Tabu 2013 / Part 2: Devices
Berlin University of the Arts

Shiny artefacts which hide their technical function thanks to design. “Devices“ is the resulting materialised reflection of the research project “Tabu“ in which less visible areas in the field of industrial design and the associated results of taboo areas, e.g. artefacts related to "classical" tabooed topics like sex and death, questionable material culture through non-reflective mass-production or technological innovations with violent effects were explored.

The collection of symbolic artefacts questions clichés and perceptions in a pointed manner of what industrial design is and what industrial designers do. Interdependencies of design and attitude are addressed directly. Derived from the analyses of current weapon related developments (such as 3D-printed handguns as open source data, individually adaptable lifestyle rifles, invisible warfare with drones and cyber attacks) paradox phenomena of invisibility on the one hand and visibility for demonstrations of power on the other hand emerge. This ambiguity is translated into a materialised form.

Part 2 of the project Tabu.