smart materials satellites 2016-2020
Research Project between Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Weißensee Academy of Arts, Fraunhofer Institute IWU, Technology Collections Dresden and SYN Foundation Halle

What are smart materials? What makes a material smart? How can complex scientific topics be translated using methods from art and design? How can technological knowledge be made tangible and visible to a broad audience?

The R&D project smart materials satellites – Transdisciplinary Technology Communication using Methods of Design, Artistic Research and Interactive Dialogue Formats dealt with these questions and explored new ways of technology communication using smart materials over a period of two years.

As research project leader at Bauhaus Dessau Foundation I worked closely with the research partners on the concepts, design and evaluation of diverse public explorative research labs at museums and researched on contextual knowledge of piezoelectric materials, shape shifting alloys and electro active polymeres.

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